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  • 2/10/21 - STOLEN


The equipment detailed below was in a Ford transit van parked in the drive to Mike's house.


The owner is Mr.Mike Barnett.


Loco details - 5" 2.6.2 GWR Prairie Tank loco finished in GW green livery. The boiler number is N77-100-G25. (North Staffs ref. N9.273) with the current Boiler certificate ref. C224452, written scheme number WS016385. Together with the above there is a coal truck acting as tender.

A two car Battery Electric set 5" gauge Loco with blue and silver livery was also in the van together with tools and equipment.


If you have any information or see these for sale then please contact your local Police who can then contact Staffordshire Police.

  • 24/9/21 - The consequences of an incident involving the public at our miniature railways, can be far reaching


The recent incident where a child managed to get their leg caught between two carriages, that did not have end boards, led to the following:


  1. Child left with a badly injured leg

  2. Reported incident (RIDDOR) to the HSE

  3. Investigation by the HSE into the incident

  4. HSE decided not to prosecute - Very fortunate for the club concerned

  5. A bill from the HSE for £1,544 - The club has to pay this themselves as it cannot be claimed from the insurance

This clearly demonstrates that all clubs/societies should have up to date Risk Assessments in place and have minimised any significant risks.

  • 12/8/21 - Messages from the Secretary

To All Secretaries and Delegates


I have been informed by one of our member Societies, that they received a complaint via social media (facebook) that one of their members behaved inapropriately to a child passenger.

This was investigated by the police and found to be totally unfounded. 

However this has understandably caused a considerable amount of stress to all those involved.

Some people it appears will cause trouble by any means, so please be advised that the loading and unloading of passengers should be carried out with preferably 3 members present one of whom should be watching the loading and unloading from a good vantage point.

If one of them has to leave you should consider ceasing running untill a replacement is found


Do not put yourself in a one to one situation with the general public.


Very very sad but these are the times we now have to live in.

To All Societies


It has come to our attention that there are a number of fake certificates in circulation, these are readily identifiable by the fact that the Certificate number is hand written instead of printed. 


 Should anyone present one of these Certificates please try and find out who issued  the Certificate to them.

  • 2/8/21 - Boiler Testing

Recently a club member has contacted me saying his club boiler inspector is saying that he will undertake boiler tests under the Australian Test rules as they are tougher than U.K.


This of course is totally incorrect as we all come under PSSR 2002 regulations in UK and our 2018 Boiler Test codes.


Frank Cooper


  • 22/7/21 - Meridienne Exhibitions

It is with deep regret that due to the ongoing uncertainties of Covid-19 pandemic; we have to announce the cancellation of the 2021 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition which was due to be held at the Warwickshire Event Centre on the 14th-17th October. 

This difficult decision is taken despite a real determination by the Meridienne Exhibitions team, trade, clubs, societies, exhibitors and other supporters, all striving to continue to deliver the usual high quality and successful event during this very difficult time. 

Over the past few weeks, we have been in the excruciating position of considering every possible scenario to see how we might be able to proceed, but sadly the risks of holding the event now far outweigh the reasons for going ahead. The core decision is based on the escalating cases of COVID-19, and the risks that widespread illness and self-isolation could have on everyone involved. We have navigated our way over the past 16 months through obstacles, but now feel that the odds are stacked against us and we are no longer in a position to be able to proceed safely with the unknown government Covid-19 requirement for Autumn/Winter ahead.

It follows that with our decision to cancel the Midlands Exhibition we have also, again regretfully, decided that it is not practical nor financially viable to proceed with the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace in January 2022.


  • 7/7/21 - Alan Bibby Award 2020

The winner of the Alan Bibby Editors Cup for 2020 was Nevile Foster of Pickering Experimental Engineering and Model Society. Frank Cooper presented him with the cup on the 7th of July, in front of 18 members, some attending via Zoom. 

  • 28/6/21 - News From the Secretary

Health & Safety Guidance


Now that Miniature Railways are starting to re-open, there has been albeit a very small number of incidents that have come to the attention of the H.S.E. with particular reference to passenger riding cars on elevated track.  It is recommended that clubs which provide rides to the public irrespective of the number of times they operate, fit end boards to both ends of all passenger cars of sufficient height and width  to prevent hands and feet etc from getting between the cars, an example of the type is shown in a photograph on page 7 of the current guidance, HS 2020.

Please note that if an incident does occur and an H.S.E. Officer comes to inspect, remember that they do have the right to inspect the whole site not just areas and equipment appertaining to the reported incident

Newsletter Editor Award


While there has been a number of nominations for this award the initial flurry has stalled, please show  suport for your editors hard work by sending in your nominations to the N.A.M.E. secretary.


Young Engineer Award


We still require nominations for the young and junior engineers awards for 2021, please look at your younger members for this award.  The age groups are as follows.


Young Engineer   18 - 26


Junior Engineer     under 18


For all enquiries concerning the above pleas contact the N.A.M.E. Secretary

  • 5/4/21 - News From the Secretary

News Letter Editor Award


Please note that irrespective of the current circumstances we are still continuing with the above award, however the number of entries received so far is a lot lower than expected, I am therefore asking clubs to consider nominating their Editors for the above award.


To nominate your Editor all you need to do is send me a copy of your Newsletter either by email or post and I will do the rest.


Young & Junior Engineer Awards


As stated last year we are continuing with the awards irrespective of the current problems being experienced, and are requesting clubs to submit nominations for the awards to be sent to the Secretary, by either of the following means.


Age limits are as follows:


Young Engineer        18 - 26 years  


Junior Engineer        Under 18 years



email address



Postal address

Mr A. Budd 

39, Langford Rd






  • 7/3/21 - Narrow Gauge Locomotive Efficiency Trials

  • 25/2/21 - News from the Secretary

Delegates Meeting - We have provisionally booked our Autumn meeting for Saturday October 23rd 2021 at the Royal Oak, Ockbrook, this will of course be subject to regulations and final confirmation will have to be given closer to the date.


Exhibitions - The Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition at Leamington is provisionally arranged for October 14th - 17th subject as above to confirmation by the organisers 


Northern Newsletter - Yes, we have a volunteer to re-start the Northern Associations Newsletter further information and contact details will be given shortly.


Boiler Certs - We are still getting requests regarding the extension of certificates, quite simply the duration of certificates cannot be extended you need to get your steam or hydraulic tests done before the certificates expiry date, using a locomotive after this date I believe would almost certainly invalidate your insurance.

  • 3/2/21 - Mo Stephen 

We are sorry to announce the death of Maureen (Mo) Stephen who sadly died late last month. For many years she handled the insurances for the Association until required to be handled by a broker.  Subsequently she took on the role of Treasurer , later switching to helping husband Frank when he took over the position. We extend our condolences to Frank and daughter Tracey.

  • 7/1/21 - Walker Midgley


As you will have no doubt heard, Tony has retired from Walker Midgley effective from 31/12/2020, and we all wish him a well-deserved long, happy and healthy retirement.


This means that I (Martin Levers) will now be the main point of contact for you going forward, so please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything you need.


We will still be able to contact Tony, should the need arise, to utilise the benefit of his vast experience and answer any questions that we might not be able to.


In additional to sharing this with you, I would also like to share another piece of news with you, which we believe will be of benefit to the Northern Association. Walker Midgley have just launched a new Quote & Buy website, where Individual Modellers and Model Engineers can obtain a quote for their personal modelling insurance requirements, such as their models, loco’s, home workshops, liability cover etc, They are able to purchase a policy and get immediate cover as well as having their policy documents available across straight away. This means the members can get a quote and buy their cover, amend their policies and renew their cover – all online, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – at their own convenience.


We have tried to make the website as user friendly and easy to navigate as possible (it also has the facility to Quote and Buy Vintage Tractor Insurance), and indeed some of the early feedback has been very positive. I would also advise that we will always be available to assist if a members gets stuck or needs a helping hand with using the online quote system as the webquote links in with our own back office system virtually in real time.


We have also built a special weblink for Northern Association club members to utilise, to access the webquote system:


The weblink is as follows: https://walkermidgleyquotes.towergate.com/AWE/Container.aspx?CurrentWorkflow=StandardB2C&CurrentStep=GetNewQuote&Source=33624691


  • 14/12/20 - Boiler News


Boiler testers should be aware that from 1 Jan 2021, UK pressure vessel manufacturers may be using the UKCA mark instead of the EU CE mark.  This new mark shall be treated under the boiler test code as a CE mark, as permitted under the Pressure Equipment Regulations Act.  For vessels made after 1 Jan 2022, the EU CE mark is the only valid mark for boilers made in Europe and the UKCA mark is the only valid mark for boilers made in the UK.Owners of models should be aware that the position of recognition of the UKCA mark within Europe is not yet clear.  This may affect those in the future if they are planning to take their model to Europe or to sell it there.




Upcoming Events


24/7/2021 - Narrow Gauge Locomotive Efficiency Trials - Ribble Valley Live Steamers

14-17/10/21 - Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition - CANCELLED

23/10/21 - NAME Delegates Meeting - Royal Oak, Ockbrook


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