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Welcome to the Northern Association of Model Engineers

Message from the Chair

Can I start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year and let's hope we all remain healthy and enjoy this wonderful hobby that we have.


We start another year and the first thing on the NAME calendar will be the delegates meeting and AGM taking place at the usual venue in April. This, as always is a important meeting for the association as it is a meeting when you can have your part in the way that NAME is steered for the next 3 years with the election of officers.This is where the association is asking for your help, the association needs you.


Model engineering has struggled a bit over the past few years especially through and since the pandemic and nothing seems to be the same as it was before the dreaded Covid. But it is time to shake off the virus and begin to get back to what it was before 2020.


We are looking for help in quite a few ways:


It would be nice to get back to holding an annual rally again at a suitable venue, is your society able to help? The event does not have to be huge and financial assistance would be given. This is also the same with the NGLEC competition, is your society able to hold this event? These were before my time but I am assured that both events were enjoyed by many and looked forward to. Both were a chance to run on a different track, socialise and talk with fellow model engineers about what we enjoy doing as a hobby. Please, please have a think about holding either the rally or NGLEC at your track.


Also the entries for the Young and Junior engineers plus the newsletter editors award competition have dropped alarmingly this year with at the time of writing only 1 entry in the junior section, there must be more out there. If you have nominated someone in the past who did not win why not enter them again but time to get them entered is running short for the 2023 awards.


The AGM also brings the time when the officers and other posts within NAME are elected and again I appeal to you the membership to help to fill the vacant positions as without these posts filled the association cannot run properly and extra work is placed upon the officers that are willing to stand.


Most of the officers are willing to stand again but if others are prepared to take up these posts and want to stand that would be welcomed and a healthy thing for the association. The one and very important post we have to fill for the coming term of office is the Treasurers position as Graham, who has covered the post well is stepping down. So here I would appeal for someone to take this post on otherwise it has to be taken over by our over worked secretary. Full details of what the treasurers role involves are in our constitution and details can be found in Alan’s notes that follow this. The Association really does need some help in getting it back to the good old days and this can only be achieved if you the membership and member societies are prepared to help out. Please, please do have a think about taking an active role and the possibility of running one of the two events, the Rally and the NG LEC for the good of N.A.M.E. and the hobby.


Enjoy the 2024 season, may your fires never darken or your boilers run dry.


Best regards


Denis Mulford,


Chairman. Northern Association of Model Engineers.



Message from the Secretary


At the above meeting all the holders of the positions stated above will stand down in line with the constitution.


Will Clubs wishing to nominate individuals please do so prior to the meeting. Officers and Internal Auditors are appointed at the A.G.M.


Officials are appointed at the Delegates Meeting.


Any queries please get back to me.


Young & Junior Engineers


Owing to receiving enquiries close to the end of 2023 we are accepting nominations for 2023 awards for both Young and Junior awards up to the end of February 2024.

Please send these in as soon as possible, but please remember to give the age of the applicants.


Other News Margaret Moore - previous NAME Secretary passed away at the beginning of the year.

Currently I am unable to communicate via Facebook. Alan Budd

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